In the Nursery

Our babies and toddlers are treasured, nurtured, and gently introduced to the truth that God loves them and cares for them, and so do we. We offer our littlest ones this heart-centered ministry through stories, songs, active play and quiet comfort- using a beautifully-crafted and carefully-selected curriculum: Gospel Light’s Baby Beginnings. All age-appropriate activities are rotated through at the rate each child’s natural curiosity and interest level dictates. The Nursery at St. Luke’s is a peaceful, happy, clean and safe space, filled with natural light, fresh air and abundant love.  The Nursery doors open at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.  For parents coming to church with their babies and toddlers, we also have changing tables and a “cry room” adjacent to the sanctuary.


Ms. Stella Iacono


Stella Iacono brings worlds of experience, maternal energy and classroom know-how to the Nursery at St. Luke’s, having raised 4 (now all grown) boys and given years of service as a class mom. A Palos Verdes native, Ms. Stella continues her lifelong devotion to creating positive community for the Peninsula’s young people by providing play, art, safe space, comfort and connection to God’s Love for St. Luke’s smallest members and guests.