June Mission

Presbyterian Pentecost Special Offering for Children at Risk, Youth, and Young Adults, with 40% staying locally, 25% supporting Young Adult Volunteers serving in communities around the world, 25% supporting Ministries with Youth to unite them in Christ and lift them up as leaders, and 10% devoted to Children-at-Risk to improve their education and provide safe havens. The local 40% will be donated to the Youth Internship Program of the Peace Center of the United University Church on the campus of the University of Southern California. Youth Interns are kids ages 15-18 who have attended or volunteered on Saturdays during school with Peace Kids (for ages 5-10) or the Youth Leadership Academy in Peacemaking (for ages 11-17) or for 4 weeks of July Peace Camp. They are economically disadvantaged young people from South LA who are in training to become leaders in these programs and the community. A scholarship of $1450 sponsors one intern for one year by providing a $25/day stipend for 34 days of programming (a total of $850) plus $200/semester set aside as scholarship funds (a total of $600). Give a local youth and others around the world a chance for better lives by supporting the Presbyterian Pentecost Special Offering.