September Mission

St. Luke’s September mission is Child Safety/Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Childrenfeaturing a free presentation by Bridgitte Green, former Juvenile Probation Officer for 25 years, at St. Luke’s on Saturday September 22 from 10 am-12 noon. The multibillion-dollar-a-year child sex-trafficking industry is more lucrative than guns or drugs. Los Angeles is a center of sex-trafficking abduction which uses the 10 Freeway as a main route through the United States. Although the topic is upsetting, this comprehensive presentation presents the scope and methods of child abduction for sex-trafficking, the children most at risk and ways to protect all children. The information is relevant for anyone supervising children, including parents, grandparents, caretakers and educators. Benevolences will be donated to Journey Out (formerly Mary Magdalene Project) serving survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Please take this opportunity to become educated about this criminal threat to our children and support Journey Out in its mission of rehabilitation.