Confirmation Classes

Confirmation Classes for 7th-12th Grade Youth Begin September 15th:

St. Luke’s is excited to announce the dates for our 8 week Confirmation course, Professing Our Faith, offered this fall to youth 7th grade and older. A time-honored rite of passage in the Christian tradition, classes will be held on Sundays following fellowship and led in rotation by Rev. Ann, Rev. Josh, and Ms. Marin. Lunch will be provided. The dates and themes are:

Sept. 15: “You Are What You Wear” Who am I? Where do I fit in? How do I want to be? These are questions we all ask. This week we explore the sacred rite of baptism, our belongingness to God and our opportunity to say “Yes” to God’s promise of new life in Christ, a life in which we can wear his deeds of love and mercy, and people will know who we are by what we do.

Sept. 22: “How Do You Spell Presbyterian?” And what is being a Presbyterian all about, anyway? We’ll look at how we understand our theology and the way we unite as believers around a common purpose of living God’s loving Word into this world.

Sept. 29: “Where is God When It Hurts?” We know we are beloved Children of God, so why the suffering and pain? We’ll dig deep exploring biblical wisdom and the aspects of our faith connecting us to hope, God’s presence in the darker times and the big-picture goodness God has intended for our lives.

Oct. 6: “Extravagant Love” We are mistake-makers, all of us. Carrying the pain of those mistakes around with us feels awful. The good news of Jesus Christ is one of redeeming Grace. We’ll focus on the power of forgiveness, the story of the Prodigal Son, and the extravagant, unwaivering Love of God.

Oct. 13: “We’ve Got the Spirit!” How’s this for a main idea: “The Holy Spirit makes Jesus as present to us as his physical presence was to the disciples.” This week, it’s all about the third element in the Trinity. We’ll reflect on Holy Spirit, and the ways we experience Its presence, power, guidance, “the still, small voice of God that speaks to us this day”- our connection to the Divine that we can sense, witness and welcome into our lives.

Oct. 20: “Can You Hear Me Now?” The disciples wanted to learn from Jesus about prayer. We do, too! Prayer is a powerful, deeply beneficial spiritual practice. We’ll be breaking it all down this week, the elements of prayer: asking, listening, praise, gratitude, confession, communicating hurt, seeking help and even what it means to say “Amen.”

Oct. 27: “Going Out!” We each have gifts and talents. Some things bring us more joy in life than others. So what are they, and what shall we do with them? How do we sense “a calling” and seek to fulfill God’s purpose for us and for the greater good?

Nov. 2-3 “Grace and Gratitude” (during a special end-of-course weekend camping trip) We are loved by God; for this we are grateful. We are forgiven by God; for this we are grateful. We show ourselves as Christians in our living and by our giving of love and forgiveness to others, just as we have received, as well as by our caring for all of God’s Creation. Compassionate stewardship might just be the best thank-you note to God we could ever send.

Nov. 10 Confirmation Sunday On this Sunday, during the Worship service, Confirmands may choose to join the Church as members, pledging to step into a conscious life of Christ discipleship and service- following Christ’s teachings, living in the Light of God and shining that loving Light into the world. A special Communion and blessing ceremony will be given to mark the Confirmands passage into membership.

Confirmands’ Acts of Service:

Over the course of our 8 week’s study, Confirmands will have opportunities to participate in acts of service as a way to practice what Jesus preached: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”- Matthew 25:35- 36

Gently-Used Clothing Drive for Harbor Interfaith

Go through your clothes, gathering up gently-used items that no longer fit or that you no longer need. Bring them to class. We’ll collect items and send them to our friends at Harbor Interfaith who will make sure the clothes get to the people in our community who need them the most.

Saturday Sept. 21 is Coastal Clean-Up Day!

In 2019, Heal the Bay will celebrate their 30th year coordinating Coastal Cleanup Day in Los Angeles County and we can be a part of the action. It’s big. At last year’s Coastal Cleanup Day, Heal the Bay organized 13,464 volunteers and removed 59,600 pounds of trash and debris from L.A. County in a three-hour time span. Throughout the State of California, 66,535 volunteers removed 839,629 pounds of debris, on this day of action. And worldwide, 789,138 volunteers removed over 20 million pounds of trash and debris.